Monday, June 10, 2013

Laptop and Desktop Sales Projected to Fall 10% in 2013

In 2012 the sales of personal computers was broken down as follows:

Laptops - 201 million
Desktops - 148 million
Tablets - 144 million

TOTAL - 493 million

Citi Research is projecting that the breakdown of 2013 sales will be as follows: 

Laptops - 179 million (down by 22 million)
Desktops - 137 million (down by 11 million) 
Tablets - 237 million (up by 93 million)

TOTAL - 553 million

This continues the trend of declining laptop and desktop sales which started in 2011. Gartners figures show laptop and desktop sales having dropped from 365 million to 353 million. This represented a 3.5% decline in laptop and desktop sales. The 316 million units Citi Research projects to be sold in 2013 represents an even steeper 10% drop in sales.

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